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"Look Good, Feel Good" (barbershop installation) barber chair with monitor and barber poles suspended dimensions vary 2005

Video projection, barbershop antiques, red tubes, ribbon, digital photographs, black combs, photocopies, etc.

This installation was created in a space that was a two-generation on man barbershop in midtown Kansas City . This installation was the result of documenting audio and video of Caucasian and African American barbershops around the Kansas city area. A mosaic was constructed of hundreds of black combs. A barber chair was reinstalled with a flat screen monitor displaying alternating head shots of black and white men getting a haircut at their respective barbershops. I also documented the last few days of two barbers before they retired after 40 years of working side by side in their barbershop business. The installation was an opportunity to share the reality of the barbershop environment as a gathering space in particular for men.