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American I.E.D. foreground / Military Pawn background Dimensions Vary 2007

Foam pool noodles, expended fireworks, zip ties, baby pool, life vest, squirt guns, water

Leedy-Voulkos Gallery Seasons Group Exhibition Kansas City, MO

American I.E.D. is a playful and colossal “bomb popsicle”/missile form constructed out of kid’s foam pool noodles. Completely surrounding the missile form are thousands of expended fireworks picked up the day after the 4 th of July around my neighborhood. Military Pawn is a quilted like image of a Palestinian youth learning to shoot a rifle at summer terrorist camp for kids. The image is comprised of thousands of foam noodle discs. The images tapers down to the ground wrapping around a baby pool attaching to a dynamite stick bundle of foam noodles that resembles a child’s body with a camouflage life vest on. The form floats in a pool of water. Both installations connect into childhood and adult notions of war, 4 th of July, the conflict in Iraq. Mixing deadly forms and images with playful materials.