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0 MPG Dimensions Vary 2006

This life-size SUV is based off of the H3 Hummer. The work was created during my residency at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Art Center . The work was inspired by our current issues with oil consumption and

American car culture. The piece is constructed from seven different types of tree branches and a truck load of dried grape vine from the historic Kimmel Orchard and vineyard. In the end the work is a paradox of organic material and primitive construction techniques. The work was created on the main street in a vacant lot where people from the town could see its progress. When completed the work was installed at the Kimmel Orchard around the vineyard and apple trees. A fall blooming Clematis vine will be planted near the base of each tire. The hope is that the green vine will eventually consume the brown structure. Metaphorically as always Mother Nature wins out no matter what we do to control our environment. Nebraska City is the home of Arbor Day, which was celebrated during the month I was there. This piece was inspired by this long environmentally conscious history.