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Trifecta of Oakdale (bicycle racer/horse racing) 3 images each one 36'x24' 2005

1,100 foam pool noodles cut into 80,000 foam discs, assembled with 80,000 plastic cable ties

funded by the Arts and Humanities Center of Salina , Kansas budget $7,000

The three "quilted floating murals" were design as a response to the historyof Oakdale Park . Around 1900 the park established a horse race track. Later the park would go on to be used for bicycle racing and auto racing. Each floating image was design on the computer and created by hand with the help of high school students, friends, family and community volunteers of both Kansas City and Salina , Kansas . Each image was place in the Smoky Hill River beneath on of three pedestrian bridges that cross over into the park where the Smoky Hill River Art Festival is held.