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Newest Public Art Piece--Catalyst 31st and Troost

I am just days away from finishing my latest public art piece commissioned by the KCATA for the southwest corner of 31st and Troost in Kansas City Missouri....

The piece will kinetically move with a series of arms that will unfold and open up...triggered by a radio signal sent by all southbound MAX metro buses.... starting January 1st, 2011.  It works now but we are building up the excitement for the opening day of the MAX bus line.  This opening and closing will happen roughly every ten minutes with each bus.   Colored LED lights have been installed and cast brilliant ever changing light across the surface of the structure during the night time....hitting the entire spectrum of color.

Thursday Nov. 17th we will be installing the last elements to finish of the piece.  These are a series of what I call "medallions".  These are eight stainless steel discs about 16inches in diameter.  Each honors certain people and groups tied to the Troost corridors rich and sorted history.  From Osage to an Italian immigrant shoe repair shop owner of Troost for 40 years.  I have deemed it the Average Joe Walk of fame.  I hope the community will want to honor people going forward into the hopeful future of Troost.